Monday, February 13

Knox Shops Her Book (3#) -

The Perugia Slasher Story is back . . .

because a private auction has been held for a book of "memoirs" by Amanda Knox. They waited until the fuss died down, then arranged for the auction on the QT to fly in under the radar in order to avoid adverse comments.

I've lost track already,
what is this version of the story - Scream 5?

The publishing companies who claim to be interested are foreign-owned, but pretend to be American, because they know that most Americans are normally too doped up to discern the difference.

So, who stole Vampire Girl's life?

Amanda Knox claims that she is going to reveal the truth in her book. That version should suffice for those who still believe in the Easter Bunny. As yet undisclosed: who is going to be the ghost writer or book doctor?

According to reports, her agent
is demanding a seven-figure advance.

What a gigantic waste of money!

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