Friday, February 24

SoFlo: A Northern Exposure -

I walked North the other day . . .

I hardly ever do that because a walk in the northern direction penetrates more deeply into the enveloping blight that relentlessly lurches toward us and threatens to swallow us. We live here precariously perched on that knife's edge, gazing into that abyss.

Blockbuster situated at the corner end of the strip mall up there is going out of business flamboyantly.

"It's just a victim of technological advancements," one parking lot pundit volunteered.

"Nah," another contended. "It only proves that folks these days are getting their p*rn piped in."

"If we didn't have all these sleazy motels and snowbirds, Blockbuster would have closed down long ago."

"You're blaming the snowbirds? Oh, pul-eeze!"

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