Sunday, February 26

There's More Than One Story?

There's still much continued angst over the potential ownership of what Jack Shafer calls the Philly "megaphone."

Who is going to control
the Master Narrative? Who is going to
be empowered to tell Philadelphia's story?

"There are other rewards to reap from owning a newspaper: blocking unflattering investigations, suppressing embarrassing information and shaping the public debate."

The implications of this issue impact the rest of us who don't live in Philly. Here's an example from Florida of what they have been struggling to deal with in Philly:

"Police said Federal Highway didn't get this way overnight, and it can't be fixed overnight."

Not so! It can be mostly fixed "overnight" by putting in some street lighting. There is very dim to nonexistent street lighting in the area which fosters criminal activities. Instead of putting in street lighting, they're demolishing the buildings so they can sell the properties to developers and make money from flipping the real estate.

Who knew that tattoo parlors are the source of most crime? Looks like someone has been cooking the statistics.

 If you depend on reports like this one to aid you in making informed judgements, you are being seriously shortchanged and impaired. As I have been emphasizing here lately, it is important that you try to get your news and information from several different sources.