Friday, April 6

Illiteracy Defeats Sun Sentinel -

The Tribune Co, based in Chicago, has once again proven the truism that you cannot successfully operate a newspaper for an illiterate population, although their last major redesign did give the local Sentinel a decidedly comic book appeal.

Most of Broward County's population is nearly or completely illiterate. They are currently being pacified with "shovel-ready" jobs paving over much of the area, but cannot be trusted to paint School Crossing signs on asphalt which they persistently misspell.

What's a Chicago Media Corp Syndicate to do?

Create a very exclusive readership club
with very expensive membership dues.

And, thus, Gentle Reader, The Sun Sentinel
will be erecting a pay wall on April 9th.

We are saddened, but not surprised, by this news.

Do let us know when they become a weekly.