Monday, April 16

The Limbo of Elusive Justice (2#) -

Two Tales of Long Delayed Resolution . . .

Meredith Kercher was an Anglo-Indian college student from greater metropolitan London who was on an extended stay in Perugia, Italy, as an Erasmus Scholar doing advanced Pan-European Studies work when she was horrifically murdered.

Her small circle of English expat girlfriends who lived nearby were thunderstruck in shock. By all reports, Meredith had a friendly personality and no known enemies.

The lack of resolution in this case has only exacerbated the pain and suffering of Meredith's family and friends.

In advance of the debut of Meredith on April 26th, authored by her father, John Kercher, The Daily Mail has posted an excerpt.

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Charles Nicholl reviews a True Crime story, Blood on the Altar by Tobias Jones, which begins in Italy and ends in England at The Guardian.