Monday, May 21

Chronic Transgressions: two -

Despite block after block and row upon row of empty stores and vacant homes, they continue to engage in construction.

At the moment, it seems like there must be some federal public works financial infusion because they are busy building highway enhancements, widening roads, and building circus flyovers.

Looks like plenty of jobs in pouring concrete mix, digging ditches, and erecting mysterious structures. It's just about the only kind of work illiterate people can manage to do.

Although they are few and far between there are some rare bus benches here. They look somewhat like the benches you might find in a park with open slats, except that the slats are metal instead of wood. The government is now in the process of replacing them with a newer model which features protrusions that separate the benches into sections. Why?

Because the older model benches could attract homeless people who might want to lie down on them; the newer model makes that impossible. And, you know, homeless people are a huge problem around here. Is that true?

No, but someone's got too much money on their hands and they've got to find something to waste it on. They're paying crews of workers to keep busy removing the old benches and installing the newer ones. And this project has the added perk of torturing homeless people who are treated like subhumans locally.

In England, the mindless haters persecute Gingers, in other places their favorite scapegoat is smokers. Here in South Florida, they are obsessed with homeless people. Landlords here have more power than God. Periodically they conduct mass evictions at gunpoint with the objective of creating hundreds more homeless people they can enjoy torturing.

And the cycle continues because there is absolutely no accountability here unless the FBI issues some straight from their headquarters. Half the police department where I am living has been arrested by the FBI and is currently serving time in federal prison.

In addition to the real cops you need to be cautious about, the area is plagued by Fake Cops. Generally, they will just rob you at gunpoint. But I had an encounter with a fake cop down here a few years ago, and he didn't do that. Instead, he persistently tried to kidnap me. Fortunately, after three or four unsuccessful attempts, he finally gave up and went away.

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