Thursday, May 10

Extremists and Rescues (3#) -

There have been some very vocal complaints of unequal treatment lately in dealing with two different extremist groups in the Orlando area of Central Florida.

The first extremists were African-American who were protesting the death of Trayvon Martin. The more recent extremists were White Supremacists from the
American Front.

In the first case, the DOJ sent in their Community Relations Unit to defuse the situation and assume control over the area. In the second case, the group was rounded up and arrested because the AF "was planning to stage provocative disruptions at the Orlando City Hall."

Thus, we see that two different approaches were used to deal the groups. It was not a matter of unequal treatment, but which methodologies would be more appropriate and effective.

The Orlando area is near the Disney World resort and several other facilities which draw large numbers of tourists.

# Tinfoil Helmet Alert: Is Miami
being prepared for military occupation?

It appears, based on the brief description provided by the WSVN TV website, that a practise exercise was conducted the other night in Miami which was probably for an operation known as an Extraction.

"residents saw people repelling from
helicopters and entering the building"

Over the years, this has been a specialty of the British SAS. The motto of their unit is: "Who dares, wins." It is used to rescue people from skyscrapers. The usual scenario is that someone is being held hostage by kidnappers for ransom or by terrorists making demands.

Contrary to some of the paranoid chatter on the intertubes, this type of exercise has no connection to putting the area under Martial Law.

But it couldn't hurt that some of the public might suspect that it was in preparation for Memorial Day Weekend, about which a lot of people have expressed concern, because of an expected influx of gangsta rappers.