Sunday, July 8

An Accidental
Imaginary Fugitive -

It's a good thing for everyone that George Zimmerman was able to successfully bond out of jail. If anything untoward had happened to him while he was a guest of the state, it could have seriously damaged even the state's Tourist and Hospitality Industry.

Lately, it's been difficult to grab a quiet moment to compose my thoughts sufficiently to comment coherently on local events, but imagine, for a moment, someone contemplating an extended vacation stay in Florida these days.

What if this hypothetical visitor got arrested during a routine traffic stop? The prospect of being jailed in Florida for even a weekend could be so nightmarish in the wake of a Zimmerman assassination, that many folks might prefer to skip the entire possibility and simply switch vacation destinations in order to avoid this kind of trouble which could arise in Florida.

There is an accountability problem going on in this state, yet I have not heard anyone, including bloggers, arguing in favor of the Micro-Management of politicians or Close Hovering over them.

At the opposite extreme would be: let them do whatever they want, because we can vote them out of office when their terms end. This latter alternative has not been working out very well locally. Eventually, the FBI has come around to swoop in and pick up many of these politicians.

I believe that the public would benefit from politicians being given a not so gentle nudge reminding them that no one is above accountability. How to accomplish such a nudge with a consequential effect is debatable, keeping in mind that Florida is a state in which both the FBI and the ACLU resources are often strained to keep up with events.

What exactly would a politician have to do in order to qualify for such a nudge - operate a torture ship, disappear a lot of people, or complete discard the basic principals of our country's founding documents?

Ever since numerous escaped Nazi war criminals fled to Latin America, bringing their abusive schemes with them, we have been faced with this potential issue, which did not suddenly arise here in Florida overnight.

It is sad that the current marketing-dominated American News Industry has deteriorated into such a nearly uniform lockstep of trivial trash and alien-based bogus profundo pseudo law, but what is the public supposed to do for an alternative to this worthless pap?

Several tenured law professors and similar professionals maintain blogs with more critical perspectives. If you don't have a particular agenda you are promoting, you might appreciate the difference.