Tuesday, August 28

Browsing Around (5#) -

Quirke, the Banville detective, is going to make his television debut in a new series from BBC One. Gabriel Byrne of
The Usual Suspects fame will portray the character.

# Dorothy B Hughes, a forgotten Mystery writer, is the subject of a recent blog entry by Christine Smallwood at
The New Yorker.

# Cold Hands by John J Niven is a suspenceful crime tale told in flashback from recuperation in Florida; reviewed here by LJ Hurst.

# Detectives investigating the strangulation death of a 16-year-old girl are trying to determine whether her accused killer might have been acting out a violent fantasy from a video game. [via Romenesko]

# A flaneur's memoir: Paris by
Julian Green; reviewed by Charlotte Newman.

+ Have been a bit busy lately.