Thursday, October 11

If Brought To Light -

The Mainstream Media, represented by Miami's Scott Ponce, wants access to whatever evidence is discovered by George Zimmerman's defense team with regard to the team's subpoenas for Trayvon Martin's school records.

 I have no idea what, if any, kind or pattern of behavior might emerge from the youngster's school records, but one thing we do already know without them: on the evening of his fatal encounter, Trayvon Martin abandoned his responsibility to babysit a younger child (Chad) and absconded from his host's condo. I don't recall the Mainstream Media ever reporting this aspect of the situation thus far.

At the same time, Zimmerman's lawyer, Mark O'Mara, has demanded the results of Civil Rights investigations into the case; he wants both FBI and FDLE reports finding whether or not Zimmerman violated Martin's civil rights while the pair were located within the Retreat at Twin Lakes private estate property.

:: Rene Stutzman: OSentinel ::