Tuesday, October 9

The Shimmer on Biscayne Bay -

Much of the reportage of the Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman Situation so far has consisted of hate-mongering only thinly disguised as Journalism. In the Middle East, this type of effort is known as "boiling the street."

Nowhere, perhaps, is this dynamic as aggravated as it is at The Miami Herald newspaper, where a peculiar psychodrama is being acted out.

The newspaper these days is mostly being managed by White Hispanics. They are Cuban Spaniards whose ancestors emigrated from Spain in Europe to Cuba and eventually ended up in Miami. They have been using the description of White Hispanic as a mysterious pejorative to describe George Zimmerman, who is not a White Hispanic at all.

I really wish they'd leave their private psychodrama at home and not contaminate the coverage of this case with their own personal problems. Editors there should simply blue-pencil this persistent nonsense out of the reports.

# Piers Morgan interviewed both George Zimmerman's mother and brother on his TV show. Morgan was a good choice to succeed Larry King because Morgan uses an affable approach in chatting with guests.

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# The Miami Book: James Wood, a respected Literary Critic, has written a review of Tom Wolfe's Back to Blood which is already posted at The New Yorker website.