Monday, December 10

Miami: Chasing Bygone Lights -

The Miami Herald building has been denied landmark preservation status; it will be demolished. The property was sold by McClatchy to the Genting Group.

"The building became home to The Miami Herald when the newspaper outgrew its original building, and it became the birthplace of El Nuevo Herald, the second largest Spanish publication in the country, which again is significant because of how Miami's demographics have changed."

This coming spring the Herald's personnel are expected to move into a building located in Doral.

Meanwhile, LED lights across the face of a building in Miami portray a suggestively wriggling woman reminiscent of ads for seedy Times Square peep shows of a previous era.

The display looks terribly tawdry and seems to be inaugurating a Red Light District which Miami doesn't need.

I wish they'd change the display to a pouncing big cat silhouette or a Pac-Man type video game chase - anything but the tacky eyesore they've just introduced.