Wednesday, December 12

Witness #8 Speaks -

A Discovery Hearing was held yesterday morning in the Sanford Shooting Case which I watched on the InSession TV program. The most interesting part of their coverage for me was the material about Dee Dee.

First, they played the recording which was given to Defense; it was unintelligible and almost inaudible. Then they played an excerpt from an interview she did with the Prosecution. In the latter excerpt, the person identified as Dee Dee could be heard, but her voice did not seem like that of a 16-year-old; she sounded older.

We have no way of easily ascertaining if the Dee Dee character on the first recording is the same as the Dee Dee character on the second recording. Even so, I was quite intrigued.

What did Dee Dee have to say?

The 2nd Dee Dee claimed that Trayvon said "Get off!"

Sorry, but that didn't make any sense to me.

:: Refer to 8:59am and 9:03am on
their blog entry for this court session.

It emerged during the court proceedings that someone from ABC News was present during Mr Crump's interview with one of the possible Dee Dee characters. I assume the reporter was Matt Gutman who once bragged about getting this exclusive:

"ABC News was there exclusively as the 16-year-old girl told Crump about the last moments of the teenager's life."

I'm just guessing that either his recording of the occasion could get subpoenaed or he may have involved himself as a witness. Has this ever happened to a reporter before?

Yes, it has. The most famous case that comes to mind, off the top of my head, was the Son of Sam Case, which Jimmy Breslin got sucked into. Breslin received a note which became part of the news coverage.

Sometimes, reporters can get sucked into
these cases - whether they like it or not!


Monday, December 10

Miami: Chasing Bygone Lights -

The Miami Herald building has been denied landmark preservation status; it will be demolished. The property was sold by McClatchy to the Genting Group.

"The building became home to The Miami Herald when the newspaper outgrew its original building, and it became the birthplace of El Nuevo Herald, the second largest Spanish publication in the country, which again is significant because of how Miami's demographics have changed."

This coming spring the Herald's personnel are expected to move into a building located in Doral.

Meanwhile, LED lights across the face of a building in Miami portray a suggestively wriggling woman reminiscent of ads for seedy Times Square peep shows of a previous era.

The display looks terribly tawdry and seems to be inaugurating a Red Light District which Miami doesn't need.

I wish they'd change the display to a pouncing big cat silhouette or a Pac-Man type video game chase - anything but the tacky eyesore they've just introduced.


Sunday, December 9

SoFlo Local Notes -

For the rest of us . . .

Some people have become fed up with the over-commercialization of the winter holidays, while others have become antagonized by the proliferation of cultural diversity gestures lately. For the sake of those who are disgruntled, disaffected or just plain grumpy, one gutsy rebel has installed a Festivus Pole in Deerfield Beach.

Victim Disempowerment: Residents of Trayvon Martin's neighborhood, Miami Gardens, are marching to protest senseless and excessive violence in their community, which, they claim, can be prevented through education.

The Wrong Write: Here's a daffy preoccupation to get your knickers in a twist: Is Nathan Fillion really Richard Castle, the character he portrays on TV?