Friday, January 18

Chasing Media Phantoms -

"Trust your mother, but cut the cards,"
as the late Sidney Zion used to say . . .

The story about the football player's girlfriend who turned out to be a hoax, which the Mainstream Media went along with, is a cruel story, but not more cruel than the MSM's shoddy reportage of the Trayvon Martin shooting.

"The tissue of lies in the Notre Dame star’s personal life would have been easy to unravel, but few tried. How the mainstream press fell for the story of an imaginary tragedy."

# How does a five-month-old baby go missing for 15 months and no one look for him? the High Priests at The Miami Herald cogitate. Yeah, that's a real thumb-sucker.

A five-month-old child named Dontrell has gone missing for 15 months. What went wrong here? Well, we can guess: the young mother should have been plugged into the long-established Baby Be Well Program sometimes known as the Well Baby programs.

It starts when the young mother is giving birth in the hospital (if not in the pre-natal phase). A Registered Nurse Practitioner comes around and solicits the young mother by offering her a range of irresistible services while getting the mother's contact information, home address, etc.

Then, when the young mother leaves the hospital, the RNP takes the initiative to travel out into the field and visits the young mother in situ. The RNP is able to answer all sorts of questions, has resources available for vaccinations, and can spot any basic problems which may arise.

# It Came Outa Boca Loca: The Weekly World News is going behind a paywall! Their website now has twice as many visitors per month as its former print edition, so they have decided to follow the leadership of The Miami Herald.