Thursday, January 3

Novelist Gets Slammed -

The Saudi novelist Turki al-Hamad has been arrested by KSA authorities for emitting provocative tweets.

It appears (albeit at long distance) that Prince Nayef, who has been serving as Interior Minister lately, may have been pressured by prickly religious elements to go after Perceived Insults to Islam.

Well, you know how it is with Perceived Insults:

The color Aqua can be perceived as Blueish Green or Greenish Blue. But then you have to choose how you will interpret it.

You have to choose to be insulted. Then, on second thought or review, you can make a different choice that maybe you were not insulted.

For what purpose do you choose to be insulted?

"His novels have dealt with political and social matters long considered taboo in the religiously conservative kingdom."

What happened to the approach of convening a panel of scholars to discuss these issues with those who deviate from the Kingdom's official interpretations? Where is the shura on this matter? Looks like a lot of intermediate process is missing here.

Was this arrest the result of one individual's personal grudge or vendetta?

Saudi intellectuals have accumulated at least 500 signatures on a petition for Al Hamad's release, according to the latest AFP report.

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