Thursday, February 7

Six Degrees of Ambiguity -

IMO: Trayvon Martin, A Death By Misadventure vs
George Zimmerman, Accused 2nd Degree Murder . . .

A seemingly voluble old-fashioned Southern country lawyer put in a dramatically late appearance during the Tuesday morning proceedings which could have been straight out of Perry Mason. He had the entire courtroom riveted on him when he introduced himself as Mr Blackwell, according to my notes, and announced that he was there to represent Bernard Crump, lawyer for the birth parents of the decedent.

With a collegial nod to Mark O'Mara, he apologized for being late, explaining that his client, Mr Crump, was based at a distance in Tallahassee. Mr Blackwell wanted to submit an affidavit on behalf of his client whereupon a back-and-forth erupted about the use of the affidavit and/or the deposing of Mr Crump. Don West for the Defense argued that since he hadn't had an opportunity to look at the 15 page affidavit, it would be premature to decide about a deposition; however, Don West also introduced a point of law about this matter.

Does Mr Crump's affidavit satisfy all our questions about Witness #8? No, it didn't answer all my questions. I still feel unclear about how many DeeDees there may be; whether the DeeDee interviewed by Mr Crump and the DeeDee recorded by Matt Gutman are one and the same; whether any of the DeeDees is substantially as Mr Crump depicted her; and whether this conversation actually took place at all.

Already a possible discrepancy has arisen in discussions about this case; viz: Mr Crump claimed DeeDee was a juvenile of tender age and a legal minor, but an alternate source of information claims she was not a minor and that she was already 18 years old or more.

Witness #8 aka DeeDee appeared in this case like the quintessential legerdemain white rabbit from out of the cloak of Benjamin Crump Esq, but since then has been mostly just magic with scant documentation.

If the State cannot nail down a palpable one-and-only DeeDee, I expect that failure would significantly erode the credibility and efficacity of its case against George Zimmerman.

Further to Defense's crucial question: what were the circumstances of the State's first contact with Witness #8?  Someone - I believe it was Bernie de la Rionda - mentioned that it was Martin Spoffard who was the State's first contact with Witness #8. Thus, observers were left to assume that Don West will have to locate this individual on his own and depose Spoffard himself for further information.

Undoubtedly, Mr Blackwell's belated entry with sizzling affidavit in hand was the highlight of the hearing, although there had been some chatter on the Internet which predicted that Mr Crump would be represented by a spectacular
Jackie Chiles.

Judge Nelson refused Defense's effort to delay the trial, and I formed the impression that she wants to wrap up this trial as speedily as possible.

From the Stuff Happens Dept: my Internet connection was disrupted due to some mysterious red tape snafu; sorry for the delay in posting this entry. I watched the proceedings streamed over Click Orlando, although I arrived a bit late.

TalkLeft has a recap of the legalities covered in the foregoing session and a link to a copy of the aforementioned affidavit.

The next hearing may be on March 5th.