Sunday, March 17

Notable Media Developments -

The Boston Phoenix Alt-Weekly has come to an end. Its demise came as a shock to many because it seemed like one of the most vigorous members of its genre. Some say that the era for Alt-Weeklies has passed, but there may yet be autopsies to determine what, if anything, went wrong.

# Google has announced they are retiring their Google Reader and Igoogle. Some Tech websites have been proposing other options, including Feedly, Netvibes, The Old Reader, and many others. If you're interested, you should take a look around.

# Blogger Yoani Sanchez has finally managed to exit Cuba for a trip abroad! She is expected to appear here in SoFlo at Miami Dade College’s Freedom Tower on April 1st.

# One of South Florida's most active bloggers, known simply as Rick, is hanging up his keyboard and calling it quits, probably due to burnout. I hadn't read his blog in years. It made me uncomfortable because he seemed to use a lot of stuff owned by other people or publications without posting legal permissions for doing so. I only learned about the end of his blog belatedly from reading other local bloggers.