Wednesday, March 6

Trayvon: Tainted Testimony -

It was disclosed in Tuesday's court hearing that the state's star Witness 8 lied about being so distraught over Trayvon Martin's death that she had to go to the hospital.

Ever since the Dr Phil program presented Alicia Martin, Trayvon's stepmother who raised him on an everyday basis for most of his life, the credibility of this story has not been able to withstand close scrutiny in strong sunlight.

Even if DeeDee's story turns out to be little more than a tissue of similar lies, her story does not directly impact on the central credibility of the story of Trayvon Martin's death.

Most normal American parents treat their animal pets better than Trayvon was treated by his father, because most pet owners provide an ID tag to their dogs and cats.

Every year many elementary schools hold an ID Day. Mothers bring in a recent photo of their child and help make up a kit which can be used by police or the media in case a child gets abducted or goes missing.

Do you believe any father would dump his son without identification a hundred miles away from home on someone else's private property and without any adult supervision? Couldn't a mature adult parent anticipate the possibility that his son could get arrested for trespassing? Are these people for real?

This story was originally released to the Media and then to the public based on the presumption that the America public has no life experience or common sense.

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