Sunday, April 14

Mail Crimes & French Lit Fest -

For almost two decades toward the end of the Twentieth Century, a shadowy figure wearing a hoodie haunted America. Nicknamed the Unabomber, he sent mail bombs to college professors, computer geeks, scientists, and others.

The iconic image of a shadowy figure in a hoodie came to be closely associated with this elusive fugitive.

But we live in an era of spectacle, some say, in which images can be manipulated and used to brainwash people.

Thus, last year, a group began waging an intense propaganda campaign to convince the American Public that if you think a shadowy figure in a hoodie may be sinister, you are a Racist, even though the Unabomber was White.

Nevertheless, if you observe a shadowy figure loitering around your mail kiosk at night and you do not recognize him as a neighbor, you should call the police and report it.

# A report from France in English
about this year's Crime Fiction Festival there.