Thursday, May 9

Knox: The CNN Interview -

As part of her ongoing Media tour to promote her book of prison memoirs, Amanda Knox recently sat for a CNN Cable TV interview.

In a prior interview with Diane Sawyer Knox adopted a mysterious new affectation: a suddenly swish lisp. If you were one of the viewers who was wondering what this mannerism was all about, you may discover the explanation in this subsequent CNN interview.

There are three characters in this interview: Amanda Knox, Chris Cuomo, and a Big Pink Dildo.

Whoa!  Where did this Dildo come from?

Amanda Knox moved into the Pergola St cottage equipped with a Dildo which she kept in a transparent plastic toiletries kit bag and, arguably, flaunted by leaving it ostentatiously displayed in commonly used areas of their living quarters, according to the other gals who were her flatmates there.

CUOMO: So then that means, in your mind, you spent four years of your life in jail because of a perverted prosecutor?

KNOX: Yes, that's what I think.

I didn't watch this interview when it was aired.

I just read the transcript.

It wasn't the prosecutor's Dildo.