Friday, July 26

The Trayvon Gateway III -

Yet, when the State prosecuted its case against George Zimmerman, it falsified the scene of the shooting by means of a trompe l'oeil trick witness who inserted spurious hearsay material into the proceedings, vilifying the Crime Watcher as a creepy stalker and a child rapist. This was the pernicious choreography of the malicious hoax:

1) Omit the conspicuous warning signs which identified Zimmerman and explained what he was doing on the telephone.

2) Introduce an illusory "witness" to suggest that Zimmerman was a criminal instead of a Crime Watcher.

3) And then, prosecute Zimmerman on this very basis, which was a deliberate hoax.

Even a week after the verdict, the cable TV networks are still using this case for decadent entertainment with CNN, the operator of both CNN and HLN, leading a rabid lynch mob of hyperbole and perverted disinformation. They should be prosecuted like the radio station in Rwanda.

This case, in my opinion, has considerably worsened race relations in America. And the more the race agitators keep trying to stir the pot, the more the white crackers here say they're stocking up on ammunition. This does not bode well.