Tuesday, August 27

The Sanford Legal Sinkhole -

More Fallout From
The Trayvon-Zimmerman Affair . . .

George Zimmerman, the former Crime Watcher who was violently attacked by teenager Trayvon Martin inside the Retreat at Twin Lakes gated community in Central Florida and, as a result, fatally shot the juvenile in self-defense, is asking the state to reimburse his legal costs, as Florida law allows.

# Recently it was reported that Zimmerman visited Kel-Tec, the gun manufacturer in Cocoa FL, to thank them; they produced the gun which saved his life.

# CNN-HLN TV's Talking Head Jane Velez-Mitchell is often completely out of control these days; viz: screaming, ranting, demonizing people, and generally berserk. She should not be shown on TV in such an agitated and demented condition.

# Townhouse units in the RTL gated community which were originally priced at $250,00 are reported to have plummeted in value to only $80,000 in the wake of the teen's violent ambush of the Crime Watcher.

No estimate has been made public yet as to how much it will cost the State of Florida to completely demolish the multi-residential complex or whether a real estate deal is in process to convert it to a Section 8 secure facility for prison convicts attached to electronic monitoring devices.