Monday, August 12

The Trayvon Tipping Point -

Kin Yoo Rede Diss?

Now that the Sanford Shooting Case is over and George Zimmerman has been acquitted of the charges against him, we are facing the aftermath of repercussions and ripple effects.

During the trial there had been some discussions about possible Brady violations, and Zimmerman's attorney is following up on some loose ends. Zimmerman himself has some developing litigation which involves mainstream Media treatment in association with another lawyer who specializes in that area.

We are also being subjected to numerous celebrities' comments expressing their perspectives on the situation, but I'm not going to comment on their comments here.

You may or may not have noticed something very peculiar about the MSM's treatment of the gated community where the shooting occurred: there are huge and very conspicuous Warning Signs at the entrance to that estate. You may have noticed warning signs at the entrances of shopping malls.

Here in Florida many establishments have warning signs posted on their doors informing you that the management reserves the right to eject you from their premises for any reason or no reason at all at their discretion and that the police may be summoned to remove you by force if necessary.

Why were the Warning Signs at the entrance to the RTL estate so persistently disregarded by the MSM? It is probably the same reason why the Aventura Shopping Mall and other area shopping malls have had to establish curfews for unescorted teenagers on their premises.

I would estimate that about 97% of the population of Broward County is borderline illiterate at best. Many of these people cannot accurately copy your name clearly printed on your bank check to give you a receipt or other document, and it is one of the principal reasons why so many people and situations get "lost" in the "system." Records are frequently misfiled due to illiteracy, since at least some of these people work for the government here.

This is the Tipping Point which represents
the triumph of Depravity over Civilization.

Nearly every week we see peculiar news and crime stories rooted in this issue. And I do not use the term "Depravity" lightly, as you are about to discover.

Recently, WSVN TV reporter Carmel Cafiero presented the plight of a disabled lawyer who is unable to find a parking spot for the handicapped because all of the designated spots were taken by drivers who were not handicapped.

As the actual video unfolded while Cafiero was investigating, all of those found on camera who were abusing the spots allocated for the use of the handicapped were Black Females with only one exception.

What is going on? There seems to be a guerrilla war against Literacy being conducted around here by the Black population which is often being used to sabotage the "system." It seems to me that it requires real Depravity to rob a cripple, which is what has happened to the disabled lawyer.

More fallout from the case: The Chicago-based Tribune owns both the Orlando Sentinel and the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel newspapers. The Orlando Sentinel was covering the Sanford Shooting Case in Central Florida. The Tribune economized by sharing some of that content with the Sun Sentinel.

You may have noticed that I eventually stopped following their coverage of the case. I decided midway through that Character issues were distorting their Reportage so egregiously, it wasn't worth the time spent in reading it.

While it wasn't as inflammatory as the coverage of The Miami Herald, it was just a waste of valuable time.

Turning The Page: According to Jim Romenesko, Orlando Sentinel Editor Mark Russell has been sacked.

Is it possible for us to have a national conversation about Racism right now? No, I don't believe it is currently possible.

In order to do so, we would have to have a common frame of reference based on a shared set of core values, which we no longer have.

Maybe at some point
in the future it will be possible again.