Saturday, August 17

Whilst Perusing The Net -

Have been catching up with some of
this summer's literary activity on the Net . . .

If you're looking for a quiet evening read this weekend, you might want to delve into The Guardian's Edinburgh Int'l Book Festival Blog.

Hopped over to some of our Internet pals in Cairo via their Twitter feeds this afternoon, and it's a horrible mess over there right now. Doesn't make for very pleasant reading.

Have you ever seen the movie
The Night Listener (2006)
starring Robin Williams?

It is an exploration of
our threshold to tolerate Ambiguity.

Some people can tolerate more Ambiguity than other people can. For some folks Life has to be formulated in black and white; while others seem to dither in infinite shades of gray.

Lately, some of the Talking Heads on TV have been banging on about ranters and haters on the Internet and attribute this behavior to bloggers, but it turns out they are actually referring to commenters on the comment threads of some news stories.

This weekend I happened to come across such a commenter who seemed somehow suspect to me. Was this an authentic person or a spoof? The more I read of her comments, the more skeptical I became that this was a spoof.

Regardless of which it is, I lack the motivation to investigate further and am content to just leave it at face value. I simply don't have a need to resolve the matter.

But the encounter reminded me of the movie.