Saturday, September 14

The Shrieking Fake News -

Shellie Zimmerman's attorney, Kelly Sims, convened a press conference with Shellie at his side supposedly to discuss the rather commonplace domestic disturbance which occurred during the the dissolution process of the Zimmermans' union, viz: dividing up their property.

Sims, however, then danced around and around any of the real legal issues which may be involved. So, I am now going to address a crucial legal issue involved in this matter . . .

According to my best understanding of the circumstances, Shellie Zimmerman was recording George Zimmerman, who terminated and destroyed the videotape recording of him.

Florida is a two-party consent state. If George did not give his permission to be recorded, it may have been his legal right to terminate Shellie's illegal recording of him.

From where I sit, the recording - if it still exists at all - would not be admissible as evidence because it looks like poison fruit from a poison tree.

I would suggest the authorities forget about the videotape and just let the couple get on with their lives.

If anything about my understanding of the Law is incorrect, Mark O'Mara or another Florida lawyer can correct it.

Thanks to Kelly Sims for wasting our precious time. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, someone died here and an amazing amount of time-consuming bureaucracy and red tape ensued from the event. Thus, my delay in posting on this topic. He was in very poor health.

This group house has a different demographic mix from the previous group house in which I mentored about a dozen young multicultural women. There are a number of EDPs here.

CNN's HLN TV channel has apparently accumulated a repertory company of Shrieking Black Women they feature sometimes. When given a live camera and a microphone, they immediately start screaming TRAY-VON at TV viewers. I can't stand listening to shrieking people and usually turn them off.

I have come to believe that this channel in particular has been trying to use the shooting of Trayvon Martin to trigger a race war in an abuse of the First Amendment.

Thorny Question: Which of the Apostles of Jesus was named Trayvon? I can't even pronounce the names of some of his half-siblings.

Trayvon Martin was NOT MURDERED! He brutally assaulted and battered George Zimmerman who shot the teenager in self-defense. This was not an example of "senseless gun violence." It was an example of a gun saving a man's life.

African-Americans constitute no more than 15% of the U.S. population. I hope they eventually learn to get along more harmoniously with the mainstream majority.