Wednesday, January 29

Knox: Judgement Looming -

Amanda Knox, the Seattle coed who was convicted at first instance of butchering her flatmate, Meredith Kercher, at a houseshare in Perugia Italy, is facing the issuance of an appeal verdict which is expected tomorrow.

Knox has been spending her time in the interim studying creative writing at a local university after her stint in Perugia to learn Italian. She has also published a book and made many TV appearances. Meredith Kercher, an Erasmus Scholar from Metropolitan London, was in Perugia for European Studies.

Amanda Knox's friends and supporters have been rallying around her, but Knox has indicated that a validation of the lower court's guilty verdict would motivate her to become a technical fugitive.

TV presenter Elizabeth Vargas, who has covered Knox's case extensively for WABC TV, recently admitted publicly that she is an alcoholic; it is unknown whether she will be able to travel to Florence for the verdict announcement and interviews in light of her impairment.

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