Friday, March 7

The Misdiscovery of a Cadaver -

The story of a homicide generally
begins with the discovery of a cadaver . . .

Thus, the story of the homicide at 7 Pergola St in Perugia begins in the usual way: a neighbor noticed something amiss and called the police to investigate.

The police made an effort to track down the owner of a couple of mobile phones found on the neighbor's property. They went to the address listed for the owner of the mobile phones and, when they arrived at 7 Pergola, they discovered the cadaver of Meredith Kercher through an intermediary acting on their behalf.

Amanda Knox never saw the cadaver, but rapidly emailed her friends back in Seattle that she was under direct orders from the Italian police not to talk about this homicide case with anyone and that she was disobeying their direct orders because she was going to tell them about it anyway. Here's how she started her account:

"this is m account of how i found my roommate
murdered the morning of friday, november 2nd."

Right from the start, she told them a flagrant untruth. And it was only the first in an endless series of untruths, inconsistencies, contradictions, and spins.

It was already at this point that the story of the homicide at 7 Pergola developed a malignant tumor called Amanda's Fairytale, and the two stories diverged ever more widely.

Amanda's Fairytale is a combination of classic teen slasher movie combined with a Reality TV Series which features Knox in a starring role as a sort of superannuated Nancy Drew, Girl Detective. It is riddled with melodrama manufactured out of otherwise prosaic details.

And then, she quickly violated one of the Top Ten Commandments: Thou shall not bear false witness. She claimed to be a material witness to the homicide which she claimed was committed by her boss, who had an ironclad alibi.

It was at the point of this divergence in the two stories that the executives at the American Mainstream Media made a crucial policy decision: they decided to cover the homicide at 7 Pergola St strictly for entertainment purposes only and not as news at all.

This pathological form of entertainment continues today. Recently, student reporters or videographers at the University of Washington put a camera in front of Amanda Knox and turned it on. They must be adding this videotape to their Ted Bundy Vault.

Eventually, I expect, someone like Dog the Bounty Hunter will pick her up and dump her on the doorstep of the Italian Carabinieri. Until she is collected from her bolt-hole in Seattle, residents of that city will just have to put up with her.