Sunday, July 27

Among FLA's Recent Victims of Violence -

Did your parents deliberately expose you to harm or try to get you killed while you were on summer vacation from high school?

It seems to me, a fifteen-year-old juvenile should be out mowing lawns for senior citizens in his own neighborhood to earn some pocket money or working as a caddy on a nearby golf course.

I've been rather busy lately, but have been very concerned about the news that Tariq Khudair, a 15-year-old Tampa teenager, was recently injected into the middle of a violent conflict zone by his parents who deliberately put him in harm's way in an effort to get him killed or celebrated as a martyr.

It's been my longstanding belief that Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSP) is significantly under diagnosed in the American medical system because they have a financial profit incentive to treat even imaginary illnesses. Perhaps, the parents' behavior in this case is a form of this disorder.

Unfortunately, Florida has a notoriously inept Department for Children and Families; nevertheless, Tariq Khudair should be removed from his parents' custody.

The only cogent question left is whether the youngster is going to survive long enough to finish high school at the Universal Academy of Florida.

further north in this state . . .

The recent murder of a Florida Law Blogger is still unsolved and baffling those who knew him.

Dan Markel, 41, taught at FSU. He was fatally shot July 18th at his home in the Betton Hills neighborhood of Tallahassee.