Monday, February 8

Into A Tartan Labyrinth -

Interesting bit of jiggery-pokery
in the British Parliament recently,
revolving around Donald Trump.

Or maybe it wasn't really about Trump at all . . .

Who is Donald Trump? In case you've just arrived from a different planet, he is an American property developer known for large commercial projects, rather than private residences. And he is currently running for high public office.

The newly-established Petitions Committee in Parliament received a petition signed by about a half-million people, proposing to bar Donald Trump from entry into the UK, because his presence wouldn't be conducive to the public good. The counter petition opposing the bar, proposed to "mind our own business" and refrain from meddling in the internal politics of the US, which garnered a scant 44,000 signatures.

What appeared to be a few dozen MPs gathered together in Westminster Hall to conduct a moot debate and discussion about the matter; the session lasted for three hours and was then aired over here in the States on C-SPAN.

Paul Flynn (Labour) delivered the introduction. He indicated that the petition was inspired by Trump's proposal for a travel ban on Muslims entering the United States, but I don't recall Flynn mentioning what prompted Trump's remark. Trump was reacting to a terrorist attack in California.

On December 2, 2015, two ethnic Pakistanis murdered 14 people and seriously wounded 22 others who were gathered together to celebrate an informal Christmas holiday party in San Bernardino, California.

Anti-Christian attacks are not unknown in contemporary Pakistan where rogue elements who are Muslim Supremacists have sometimes terrorized the Christian minority. And these well-documented events have been duly reported in their news media.

They also have an ongoing Blasphemy problem in Pakistan which Muslim Supremacists can use to intimidate the Christian minority. It appears they are now trying to impose it on the UK, too.

Perhaps, the most vociferous proponents of the Trump Entry Bar were Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh (SNP), an ethnic Pakistani, and her colleague, Tulip Siddiq (L), an ethnic Bangladeshi - Bangladesh used to be East Pakistan.

What a remarkable cluster of Coincidental Pakistanis!

The woman who generated this petition believes that Donald Trump is just a character in a TV series. To the best of my knowledge, Donald Trump has not urged his followers to go out and kill the Muslims or rape their wives or burn down their houses. I haven't heard him say anything that approaches the threshold of so-called "Hate Speech."

Usually, when there is a terrorist attack, we would expect the British government to offer condolences.

Instead, this time, we've got: 14 murders committed by two ethnic Pakistanis and these two women ranting in the British Parliament about the American Public's reaction to these 14 bloody corpses.

This was a disgraceful spectacle.