Friday, December 9

Will There Be Mockingbird News? -

From Creepy Pasta to
Creepy Pizza, Conspiracies Abound . . .

It seems somehow fitting that the contentious 2016 Presidential Campaign would culminate in a Super Full Moon. A nurse and I were speculating on whether lunar vibrations were contributing to the social unrest in the aftermath.

Even if the moon were a contributing factor, it was not the main cause. The Democratic political machine's use of hard-boiled Identity Politics was the primary and direct cause.

And the Mainstream Media hasn't helped. Many people are complaining about their skewed coverage of the campaign and the decline in their journalistic standards.

There are numerous factors to consider in this realm.

# Consolidation: Media activists have warned for many years about the dangers of consolidating the ownership of media organizations into fewer and fewer hands.

# Chemistry: There has been a sharp increase in the percentage of Americans with chemically impaired judgment due to misuse or abuse of drugs and medications.

# Content: Publishers no longer refer to News, which is now often known as Content; instead of Editors, there are Content Managers.

# Childishness: In an effort to economize, the media organizations have laid off their experienced reporters who earned more money, leaving juvenile cubs to shoulder the load.

From Identity Politics to Conspiracy Theories is not a long leap! I'm not a Conspiracy Freak myself, but I enjoy a good Conspiracy story now and then.

Conspiracy stories have become part of our Mainstream Entertainment in recent decades: the Dan Brown movies like The Da Vinci Code and Chris Carter's X-Files TV series which featured a shadowy conspiracy.

But sometimes conspiracies are real: Operation Paperclip, Operation Mockingbird, and what about Watergate? Now, we even have Pizzagate.

Who hacked into the Democrats' Emails? "Experts" say it was the Russians. That looks like Disinformation to me. I would speculate it was probably the Anonymous Lulz Crowd again, because they fancy themselves heroic rebels from Totalitarianism and Authoritarianism.

Closer to home, Buddy Nevins reports that the Sun-Sentinel is leaving downtown Fort Lauderdale:

"Speaking at a downtown Fort Lauderdale breakfast meeting in the summer, Sun-Sentinel Publisher Howard Saltz denounced much of the paper’s Internet competition. He branded it a bunch of out-of-touch bloggers secluded in their parents’ basement."

Surely, he doesn't mean me.