Friday, January 12

Comings & Goings -

So many departures in 2017!

This is not meant to be a
scientific survey; it's just an informal stroll . . .

A fond farewell to Peter Capaldi. His stint as the Twelfth Doctor in the Doctor Who TV series has ended. I enjoyed his portrayal very much.

In the last episode, which was written by Steven Moffat, David Bradley put in a wonderful appearance portraying The First Doctor. It was entitled Twice Upon a Time with a touch of nostalgia.

I must admit that I had some difficulty understanding Pearl Mackie's heavy dialect in her portrayal of Bill Potts, but all's well that ends well.

# Nat Hentoff left us early last year. He was a longtime columnist at the Village Voice newspaper. I didn't have much in common with him, but he sometimes wrote about First Amendment issues which captured my interest, especially because he wasn't a lawyer. Discussions about this topic in the public arena can be valuable.

# Eric Schmidt has stepped down from his role as executive chairman of Google, Alphabet, and/or whatever letter salad those geeks try to throw against the wall. Well, I've had some differences with Eric over the years.

# The "Joan Rangers" signed off for the last time with the ending of the Fashion Police. They were sorely missed at the recent Golden Globes event. The female celebrities wore black as promised, but with varying effects.

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Sorry you haven't heard from me in yonks, but I've been rather busy these past few months - too busy to suit me! I do hope to be more active as a Blogger in 2018.