Wednesday, July 26

We Jul 26 -

Lebanon Conflict:
NEWS NOTES Updates -

Gen Hirsh revealed that Israeli troops operating in Bint Jbail had discovered war rooms with eavesdropping and surveillance equipment made by Iran, being used by Hizbullah against Israel. They also found large cache of weapons and communications devices. ::JPost::

Commander Fuad Dirani, a senior Hizbullah official, said that the organization has set a new target for itself: the city of Netanya, as reported by the Iranian news agency Fars in Lebanon. ::YNet::

A Jordanian military plane carrying U.N. humanitarian aid and a field hospital landed at Beirut airport... U.N. trucks loaded with much needed food and medical supplies made their way to the southern port city of Tyre... and Israel dropped leaflets on Sidon listing the names of nine Hizbullah fighters it claimed were killed in the battles. ::NHRnet::