Thursday, December 20

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The South Florida Newspapers -

"The Sam Zell era is about to begin at Tribune Co."

The Tribune Co owns the Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, among others.

To some, the glass is half empty; to others, half full. I see no reason for pessimism and would like to give Mr Zell a chance.

Meanwhile, this is an example of a recently initiated project by the company. It has a younger, fresher look and a graphic design which is more web-friendly. It links to the Sentinel at the bottom of the "page."

The SF Sun-Sentinel, in contrast, currently has a clunky, overloaded, and turgidly moving website.

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"The McClatchy Co. reported Thursday
that its total revenues and advertising
revenue in November both fell 9.2%..."

McClatchy owns the Miami Herald.

Miami just may be in the process of becoming the first American city in which the Spanish-language news media achieves hegemony.

Today's Herald was completely locked out of the Internet without registration, which many people these days are loathe to do.

In making this change, McClatchy may be sending a signal of its abdication to the Spanish-language Press which will be the dominant source to which people will gravitate from the vacuum left by the Net-absconded Herald.

Let's hope McClatchy reconsiders this catastrophic change.