Wednesday, December 19


Kudos to The Miami Herald for recognizing that Online Media has assumed an important place in many readers' lives which often supplements or compliments readership of Mainstream Paper Media.

Under the Technology section or category, the Herald ran an article today describing the end of the popular Stuck on the Palmetto blog and some reactions to the plug being pulled.

Online fight ends blog -
A popular South Florida blog shut down this week
after its author's anonymity was compromised.

I believe that many former readers of the blog are experiencing a sense of loss and are going to have to go through the various phases of adjustment to the aftermath.

The South Florida blogging scene is a lively, sometimes almost fractious, mix; the Miami Bloggers are probably the noisiest bunch in it. And South Florida Blogs have even picked up their own gadfly along the way.

The Herald article reprises well the surface facts, but doesn't explore any of the implications of what has happened here.

Although I don't blame Bob Norman personally, it is worth pointing out the underlying dynamics involved: Norman is blogging on the platform of a million-dollar Media Organization, while "Rick" was blogging as an individual; and, thus, there is a notable imbalance in power inherent in any friction between them.

Meanwhile, the comment thread at Critical Miami has grown to almost 100 comments and, with the publication of today's Herald article by Evan S Benn, is still growing.

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