Sunday, December 2


...when a Control Freak denies being
transgressive by putting his foot on your face...

The Canadian Islamic Congress has launched complaints against Maclean's over a Mark Steyn article, The Future Belongs to Islam.

Canada does not have a First Amendment, and this situation is a direct result of that vacuum.

"When you read that article, it sounds to some people [like] there’s an attack from the 'Muslim' world against the 'non-Muslim' world."

The article mainly explores the issue of demographic flux and the potential consequences of Europeans and Japanese people declining to have children.

Only a very twisted mind could assign blame to Muslims for other kinds of people refusing to reproduce. By a "reasonable man" standard, there is no such causal link manifested in the article.

The purpose of "slap suits" and similar complaints is to control other people by silencing their dissent.

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