Monday, February 4

Around Florida: EXPRESS (3#) -

# HIS SPACE: SQUALID - A Florida DCF official has been charged with eight counts of using a child in a sexual performance. He allegedly described himself online as a straight swinger. And he wasn't living under a bridge either.

# WHEN JUDGES GO WILD - Tallahasse: "Rarely do outsiders get an inside peek at how judges work together. But last week, judges on the state's biggest and most powerful appeal court testified about one another. It was not a pretty sight." +Sounds like a Jerry Springer show.

# NOISY VOICES - I'm not a big fan of John Glisch; I didn't think he defended Due Process as strongly as I prefer, but he is introducing more "Community Voices" as columnists to contribute to the Florida Today newspaper.

Will they just be sock puppets? Or will they have their own unique perspectives?

+ At times like this,
I feel blessed that I can have my own blog.