Tuesday, February 5


# A story about some mobsters and some dirty cops,
as only Jimmy Breslin could tell it: The Good Rat.

:: The book focuses on "the guy who spilled the beans." Breslin talks to Boris Kachka at New York Magazine about it: Ink-Stained Kvetch.

:: Briefly but effectively reviewed
by Sherryl Connelly at the NYDailyNews.

# The Somnambulist by Jonathan Barnes, which was already published in the UK, is set to debut in the US this month, I believe. It seems to be a pastiche of archaic mystery styles. And it's gotten some good reviews.

# Ever heard of "churnalism?"

"the quick-turnover dross peddled by hacks less scrupulous or fortunate than him. Costs are being cut and standards eroded by greedy proprietors."

The reviewer says this book about the News
Media in the UK is unduly pessimistic but timely.

:: Flat Earth News by Nick Davies
is reviewed by Mary Riddell at The Observer.

:: Prof Roy Greenslade notes on his blog that this book about the state of British journalism... is attracting a lot of coverage. And, he says, it's "a book we must take seriously." There's a comment thread at his blog entry, too. Of course, there are some similarities and some differences between the British Press and the American Press.