Sunday, April 27

Central Florida:

Last night I tuned in to C2C-am from the beginning of the radio show. Ian Punnett was hosting. He alluded to the first hour of Friday night's show, which I hadn't heard, and urged us to look it up because it concerned a possible serial killing case - Ian mentioned a possible connection to cult activity.

Looking at the archived recap, we find a link to a page featuring the case on a local TV website: Channel 5 Twin Cities (ABC affiliate), Kristi Piehl is lead reporter.

"Gannon and Duarte say they've discovered a link between Jenkins' death and the drownings of at least 40 other men in 25 cities in 11 different states."

I have noted a string
of similar deaths up in Central Florida:

- young men's cadavers found in rivers.

Heretofore, I evaluated the phenomenon as a suspicious pattern, but did not see any indications of cult connections reflected in the local news media. There has been no mention of tags or glyphs associated with the Central Florida cadavers so far.

The two detectives who have been investigating the cases, Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte, do not seem to have a website which they should get.

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