Thursday, June 12

Bookish: THE SEEDY &

# Florida Bookish - "Set in the seedier corners of Gulf Coast Florida in the days leading up to Sept. 11, The Garden of Last Days is inspired in part by real life: specifically, by news reports that some of the Sept. 11 hijackers visited strip clubs in Daytona before making their way north."

:: A review of the new novel
by Andre Dubus III written by Bronwen Dickey.

:: Charles McGrath writes about The Pink Pony strip club in Daytona Beach and the research Dubus did for his new novel.

:: Biographical Sketch of Author.

:: Author Book Tour Local Stops:

Boca Raton: Monday June 16 at Barnes & Noble;
Coral Gables: Thurs June 19th at Books and Books.

* * * * *
# A well-written interview with Achy Obejas, the editor of the Havana Noir collection of stories by Martha Bayne. This is part of the Chicago Reader's Spring Books Special, Crime Spree.

# "When people talk about the death of the book, they are generally referring to fiction in general, and to the novel in particular."

# About Georges Simenon by John Banville.

# An articulate review of
Richard Engel's new book by Katherine Jose.

# Otto Penzler's column this week
is about Mysteries which include
some Fantasy or Supernatural elements.

# This week, Begley the Bookie writes about
Pentagon power and trippy Sixties environments.

# And, this week, a team from The NY Observer has a reporting special on the foreign correspondents stationed in Iraq's "Red Zone."