Monday, February 23

Bookish: UNLEASHED (2#) -

The iMullah & The Gay Sheikh . . .

Think you've heard enough from
Mullah Zaeef lately, the iPhone guy?

That's about to change with his recently published expose: Da Guantanamo Anzoor. It's already been published by Gerard de Villiers in French translation as Prisonnier a Guantanamo.

According to the BBC, it's scheduled for publication in an English-language edition some time later this year. Some folks have been predicting he'll start Twittering soon, but don't hold your breath for that.

Heard about the gay sheikh yet?

That's about to change, too. A book-banning publicity stunt for The Gulf Between Us may have temporarily put a damper on the inaugural UAE Literary Festival, which is scheduled to open February 26th, but we expect it will all work out OK.