Sunday, February 15


Meredith Kercher Murder -

Yesterday, a Blogger in San Diego Cal passed on the news that another book about this case is scheduled for publication: The Dream Cottage by Nina Burleigh is expected to debut in Spring 2011. Details ::here::

# The latest comment from Charles Mudede
at the Seattle Stranger's Slog Blog today:

"it is not amanda who fascinates me (a very ordinary woman) but the sensation she has created and continually fuels with crazy looks and t-shirts."

# A heads-up about the informational battlefield in West Seattle finally broke through their municipal boundaries with a link listed on Romenesko at the end of last week alluding to Dr Mignini's legal action against the local West Seattle Herald newspaper. Now, a local Blogger discusses the rivalry between the WSH newspaper and the hyper-local West Seattle Blog.