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Meredith Kercher Murder -

Amanda Knox giggled, made faces, and joked with her lover at the police station, Kercher's English girlfriends told the court yesterday. Knox's behavior made them uncomfortable when they were all called in for questioning during the course of the bomb investigation.

The police were trying to determine whether Meredith Kercher's cell phones were going to be used to remotely trigger an IED bombing device, which is why they arrived at the cottage on Pergola St. Originally, Amanda Knox had no connection to the case, since the focus of the investigation was Kercher's cell phones. It was only in the process of trying to track down Kercher that the police found her body.

But Knox made bizarre demands to be interviewed as a pseudo-expert on the case: "Ask me," she said to people, "I know everything about the case." She seemed to be practicing for her moment in the spotlight to star in TV and Media interviews.

Today, other housemates testified, such as Laura Mezzetti who told the court that she had observed a fresh wound on Knox's neck just after the Kercher homicide.

Two of the boys downstairs took the stand: Stefano Bonassi and Giacomo Silenzi, who had begun dating Kercher. The court was told that the girls knew Rudy Guede, although they weren't close pals.

Peter Popham includes an intriguing mention of a mysterious intruder being seen in the cottage garden on two occasions in October who was never identified. Will there be more testimony about that issue in the future?
Frank has posted an email letter from Amanda Knox to some people back in Seattle which, I believe, is being published in the Italian magazine Panorama this week where it has been translated into Italian. It is difficult to slog through at times for a variety of reasons. It is written in informal vernacular and the formatting is less than ideal.

The first paragraph starts with her introduction "how i found my roommate murdered the morning of friday, november 2nd." [sic]

But in fact she did not find her roommate murdered. The police did. Knox is engaged in fantasy. And the letter is not about Meredith. It's all about Knox and how she is starring in this movie. Unfortunately for Knox, she has wandered into the wrong movie. This movie was called The Pergola St Bomb.

And then she ends the missive by expressing her expectation of going back to class, inconvenienced by the necessity of moving her suitcase to some other cottage. Since she was practically cohabiting with Sollecito at that point, if she hadn't been arrested shortly after this letter, she probably would have moved in with him - which may constitute another possible motive.

The proceedings are expected to resume 27 February, enabling the lawyers to handle their other cases in the interim.

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