Friday, February 13


Meredith Kercher Murder -

The first sign of trouble for the Defense emerged in today's courtroom testimonies, according to the Press covering the proceedings:
Knox has claimed she took a shower at the house she shared with Kercher on the morning before Kercher's body was discovered there. But Frost said that Knox had told her that morning she had not showered. "Amanda told me she had seen blood [in the bathroom] and therefore decided not to have a shower," she said.
:: Spotted by Tom Kington in Perugia for The Guardian, it is an apparent contradiction which is likely to be targeted by the Prosecution. Knox's story of showering in a bloodied bathroom already seemed improbable even before Frost's turn on the stand. Now, there is room for doubt as to its veracity at all.

Today, the British gals who figured in the victim's Perugian social circle testified as to what everyday life was like, the relationship of Mez and her American roommate, and Knox's behavior at the police station in the aftermath of the homicide.

:: Notable from Nick Pisa: "At one point she [Knox] was on the telephone and saying 'How do you think I feel? I was the first to find her. It could have been me. I was there.'"

:: And from Nick Squires: "The American allegedly claimed to have been the first to have found Miss Kercher - an account which contradicts evidence heard last week from Italian police, who said they were the first to discover the murder after the door to Miss Kercher's bedroom was kicked in on their orders...

"She seemed proud to have found
the body," Robyn Butterworth testified.

Testimony is scheduled for tomorrow, too.