Saturday, February 28


Meredith Kercher Murder -

Monica Napoleani, head of the Homicide Unit, has testified today that a bloody shoe print compatible with the size worn by Amanda Knox was found on the pillow which had been placed under Meredith's body.

But the print has not been matched
to any shoe owned by Knox.

It is also possible that Knox could have disposed of such shoes by tossing them in a garbage bin or even in the nearby ravine, just as Meredith's phones were found tossed into a neighbor's garden.

Elsewhere, Napoleani was quoted yesterday saying something that caught like a burr in my consciousness. It was something to the effect that Meredith wasn't simply murdered, but, rather, Meredith was butchered. Spot on! Yes, that was my feeling, too.

It didn't seem like the murderer was wildly waving a knife around and impulsively lashed out to slash Meredith's neck. The neck is a rather narrow target area. To push a knife into someone's neck would seem to require a deliberate decision and an act of intensity (emotion), will, and physical force.

From what font would such an act issue? One supposes it would be a font of intense malice. But why such malice? Widely described by those who knew her, Meredith was a sunny gal with a good sense of humor, warm heart, and bubbly disposition.

What was it that Meredith seemed to have,
that Amanda Knox did not have? Perhaps, a father.

Kurt Knox may be paying a big price now for leaving his first family. Amanda may have felt abandoned. She certainly has gotten his attention now.

The trial continues; there may be more later.

:: Nick Squires Tgraph :: -- [UK PA]