Sunday, March 22

Mez: CLOAKED II - (3#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder -

It turns out that Friday's technical testimonies about mobile phones and computer usage may not have been so prosaic after all.

In a late dispatch to The Sunday Times of London, John Follain discloses chilling details of what may have been a last attempted phone call to Mrs Arline Kercher, Meredith's mother. I believe that Follain may be publishing a book of his own about this case. This attempt, if not a jostled accident, seems a bit like receiving a text message from someone after they have died.

And Nick Pisa writes about the second illicit intrusion into the crime scene cottage. What was apparently taken this time: Meredith's mattress, cushions, pillows, bedding, and that suitcase containing the knives.

Barbie Nadeau notes a recent upsurge in Satanic cult activity in Italy. We've known for some time that the Vatican has assigned consultants to detectives working on crimes which may involve Satanic or occult evidence or implications. This is not a new surprise.

Is there a similar upsurge here in the lately? Not that I have noticed. Currently, here in the US, there is mostly an infatuation with Vampires. The latest buzz is about the DVD release of Twilight. But every spring there is a slight uptick in some parts of the US. I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary here.

Of course, we have all noticed the upsurge in cult activity internationally with Al Qaeda as an example, although this seems to have taken some countries by surprise.