Monday, March 23

Mez: ELSEWHERE (3#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder -

Catching up with some others
who are sharing their thoughts on this case . . .

# Stewart, who lives in Perugia, reports on the Saturday proceedings. Each observer, of course, forms his own impressions, but sometimes one observer picks up on something which has been ignored by others. And a couple of photos of the Conrad convenience store are included.

# Just by coincidence - or is it a conspiracy? - Miss Represented has posted an entry exploring some aspects of The Amnesia Issue. Just joking about the conspiracy, of course.

# Charles Mudede at the Seattle Stranger's Slog Blog is a well-travelled, cosmopolitan, and unusually well-educated chap who has been following the case. Some of his latest thoughts: The Limits of Love. And there are a few dozen comments on that entry's thread.