Wednesday, March 11


Florida Game Foul: The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office is investigating a cyber prank which seemed to offer a Punta Gorda child for sale to Xbox Live members, James Sherwood reports to The Register. The Sheriff is not laughing.

# In Tampa FL bankruptcy court, lender Atalaya says it has lost confidence in Ben Eason's management and wants to take over control of Creative Loafing Alt Weeklies, according to Wayne Garcia who is following the case.

# Ouch! The Miami Herald is cutting 19% of its workforce or 175 employees, reducing the salaries of its remaining employees, initiating one week unpaid furloughs, and dropping its International edition, reports John Dorschner.

# Hearst will announce its plans for the Seattle P-I at some point next week, Roger Oglesby said in a brief phone interview reported by Dan Richman; timestamp 12:22pm PT local time. [Rosebud to reorg 11?]

# Hearst's Steven Swartz: "The days of 30 percent profit margins may never come back - and we have to recognize that." From CJR tweets. [kicker]

# Gunmen in Kandahar have killed reporter Jawad "JoJo" Ahmed, 23, who worked for several Canadian media outlets.