Tuesday, March 10


Pardon my jet lag . . .
it's from Daylight Savings Time change . . .

Touchy-Feely: Gary Pruitt, CEO of McClatchy, shares your pain; he's taking a salary cut of 15% and stepping away from his bonus. More financial details here and here.

# Some new localized Net news start-ups
described by Michael Learmonth [adage]

# A meeting took place on Monday during late afternoon into early evening hosted by Jonathan Zittrain of Harvard which included Jeff Jarvis, LAT Editor Russ Stanton, and the current head of Google News.

:: Notes :: via blogger Graham Webster.

# They're getting really depressed in Seattle at the P-I.
Eli Sanders blogs at The Slog about the P-I Deathwatch.

# What else . . . happened to catch Charlie Rose
on Monday with guest Eric Schmidt from Google.