Wednesday, June 3

Bookish: DIVERSE NOTES (6#) -

While Seattle itself is still struggling with a real life murder case abroad in Perugia Italy, Rob Lopresti interviewed Curt Colbert about editing the Seattle Noir collection for Akashic Books. Just a wee glimpse into the process.

# Sherman Alexie has kicked up quite a storm with his remarks about the K*ndle. Ed Champion chats with him further about the topic; the blog entry has been drawing a lot of comments.

# MA Orthofer reacts to
the latest NYTimes price increase.

Paul Gillin explains what he thinks
is going on: it looks like a kind of reader triage.

# The UN is launching
a distance learning provider [LIS]

# Vampires vs Notorious Trolls -
Caveat: web comic with a bit of vulgar language.

[via Peter Robbins at guardbookblog]