Thursday, June 4


But where's the Big Fish ?

# A key Taliban commander named Hazrat Omar and important documents in his possession were seized in Shabqadar Pakistan on Thursday.

# Mullah Sufi Muhammad, who brokered a controversial peace deal for Pakistan's Swat valley, was arrested on Thursday along with his two sons. The cleric mediated between Taliban fighters led by his son-in-law Maulana Fazlullah and the NWFP government in the failed arrangement.

# But Mullah Fazlullah may still be at large.

# A key Taliban figure named Mullah Akhtar Mansur was shot to death by British forces from a gunship helicopter Monday while he was fleeing on his motorbike. He was reputed to be a major IED bombmaker in Helmand Province.

# Despite threats by Taliban militants,
the situation is looking upbeat in Kabul !

# The Women of Swat and 'Mullah Radio'
-- stories of the women refugees from Swat.